Energy Performance Contracting relieves of financial and equipment performance risks.

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The list of successful Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) stories is steadily growing. Recently, we added 22 success stories concerning public authorities from several Member States to the Success Stories Section of our website. Come along and see for yourself what EPC can do for you!†[more]


November 17th, 2014
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October 16th, 2013
eu.ESCO Press-Release - New face at the top of eu.ESCO

eu.ESCO, the European Association of Energy Service Companies, has recently elected a new Chair...[more]

January 23rd, 2013
eu.ESCO Press-release - Use of Energy Performance Contracting would have ensured proper utilisation of EU Energy Efficiency Funds

Use of Energy Performance Contracting would have ensured proper utilisation of EU Energy Efficiency...[more]

One step ahead with eu.ESCO

Tobias Huber Chair eu.ESCO

It is for me an honour to be appointed Chair of eu.ESCO, the European Association of Energy Service Companies.

We are in the urban millennium and the battle of rising energy demand as well as the battle against climate change are being won or lost in cities. Energy efficiency of buildings is crucial in order to achieve the European Unionís climate and energy objectives as well as in order to reduce energy costs for building owners and tenants.

Our aim is to boost the energy services market by increasing its transparency and its trustworthiness. The eu.ESCO members are willing and ready to facilitate the exchange of knowledge concerning engineering services and concerning solutions containing so called energy conservation measures and self-funding financial solutions based on guaranteed savings.

These investments in energy conservation measures are carefully selected depending on economic feasibility and ease of implementation.

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a way to foster the importance of energy savings, instead of only supplying equipment.

EPC enables a triple gain situation: sustainable cities, economic competitiveness and employment across the European Union.

EPC is an important facilitator enabling the European Union to achieve its climate and energy objectives.

eu.ESCO members are ready to support you in translating todayís energy challenges into future opportunities.

Let`s shape the future of our planet together!

Tobias Huber, Chair eu.ESCO

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